Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gratitude Attitude

How is it that we are sitting on the midway mark of November?  It has been a busy month so far.  (Aren't they all?)  The first week of this month (and much of the previous month) always finds me in apoplectic production of all things faithfully crafty for our church's holiday bazaar.  The second week usually finds me in a less frenetic but still fruitful flurry of fulfilling special orders from said bazaar.  This year it also found me fulfilling jury duty.  And delving into the beautiful, inspiring world of Pinterest in my spare (ha ha!) time.  And prepping for our monthly Bible study.  And raiding my kids candy bags from Halloween.  And missing 31 Days of Prayer, the joy of immersing myself in conversation with God.

All good things.  I am grateful for each.  And as I make "Give Thanks" banners I am praying thanks for God's gifts.  And I am praying to focus less on feeling busy and more on feeling full.  Of the good stuff.  Of God's love and peace and grace.  Of the Holy Spirit.  Of life on Earth and the promise of eternal life in Heaven.

Dear Lord,

You are the God of all goodness, Giver of glorious gifts.

I am so humbly grateful...
  1. for my relationship with you which sustains and saves me every day
  2. for my husband, darling and funny, loveable 99% of the time (especially when he calls just to say I looked cute this morning)
  3. for my daughter, grinning and giggly, so in love with her world of music and friends and cartwheels and books and math; oh do I love how she loves the challenge of math!
  4. for my son, snuggly and warm, comfortable in his own skin whether he's quietly reading, rambunctiously supplying sound effects in some warrior pretending, playing with the dog, bubbling over with pinewood derby eagerness
  5. for our home, complete with crafty messes, dirty baseboards, things to do, laundry to wash, dishwasher to empty; the walls are solid, the rooms are warm, and the mood embraces our family and friends and our Lord
  6. for my friends who laugh with me, craft with me, pray with me, play with me, sip coffee and commiserate and listen and encourage and brighten my days with their thoughtful caring
  7. for my parents and in-laws, for everything, but most of all for generous love and solid foundation
  8. for our church that gives much and asks much, providing meaningful opportunities to help others and enrich worship and be God's hands and heart in this world
  9. for our neighborhood and community, for the ways we are knit together and the ways we reach out to those who are less fortunate
  10. for the sweet delight of a Reese's peanut butter cup, and for the rare and precious occasion when I am content to eat just one!

Thank you for being such an awesome God — omnipotent and omniscient, yet tender and loving, too.  All goodness comes from you.


Start your list today.  Find ten gifts from God that make your heart sing, your eyes delight, your day bright.  Warning: you may not be able to stop at ten... and that's okay!

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.
1 Chronicles 16:34

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  1. We truly are blessed people and have so much to be thankful for! Thanks for all the sweet reminders.


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