Monday, October 31, 2011

31 | Journey On

Dearest Readers,
Thank you! (Read as "Big, fat, juicy, billboard-sized 'THANK YOU' from the bottom of my heart and the tips of my toes.  I am really, truly grateful!")  This 31 Day commitment started with me feeling like a small, thin voice with not much to share, just trusting God's nudges.  You have made these daily prayers a living, breathing conversation... with God, with you individually, with the bloggy community (blogmunity?).  Better yet, we have come together in Jesus' name, creating a slice of worship and reverence in days cluttered with secular scraps.  And so my days have become richer.  My faith has grown stronger.  Thank you for journeying with me through these prayers.  And now, for the finale...

Dear Lord,

I breathe a big, peace-filled sigh.  Gratitude fills my heart.  Trust fills my soul.  Wonder fills my mind as I reflect on how you've worked in me and through me this month.

Remember how I tried to shy away from your nudge to join the amazing collection of 31 Dayers?  Remember all the excuses I made to not post and pray daily?  Lord, I am so glad I listened to you and not my doubtful self.  Thank you for infusing me with your trust, for steeping me in your Spirit.

You have shown me that what first appeared to be a Challenge, a Potentially Onerous Task, is really a GIFT.  Praying publicly for 31 days has provided me with delicious moments (minutes, hours) of dwelling in you.  Prayers have morphed from "I need..." to "I see where you need me..."  Perspective has shifted from earthly to eternally.  Peace and serenity have chased away spiritual procrastination.  Thank you for the ways you have helped my soul to stretch and grow.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this time in prayer with you, not to mention connecting to brothers and sisters in Christ through these prayers.  Where the Internet is usually a frivolous time suck for me, you have shown me that it can be a space for worshiping you.  For this evangelically shy gal, you've created a place to testify quietly without drawing too much attention to myself.  You've created a venue for fellowship and prayer that might not otherwise exist, at least on a daily basis.  What's next?  A computerized Christian Campus a la Web-Kinz or Facebook?  (My internet idiocy is showing... clearly there is a more mature or sophisticated analogy that could be made.)  Whatever it your plan is, God, I'm on board.

I can do everything through him who gives me strength.
Philippians 4:13 (NIV)

Once again, you have shown me that I can do all things through you, who generously and unfailingly gives me strength.  For it was clearly you who poured these prayers into my mind and massaged and shaped them on the monitor.  When I lacked for a topic, you provided.  When I wanted for words, you chose wisely.  When I felt like I was talking into a void, you gave answers, you connected me with friends new and old.  What a blessed reminder this has been: when I doubt, I do best by stepping aside and inviting you in to help me.  I want to hold on to that approach of making space for you to do your glorious thing, for offering up my weakness and hesitation as a platform for your perfect power.

So, what is next?  Lord, help me to stay tuned to your whispers, your nudges.  I offer my eager-beaver worker-bee self in your service.  Show me your will, your way.  I am ready to follow.


Bloggy friends, may you hear God's whispers and feel his nudges in your hearts today.  I pray that your prayer journeys — your spiritual journeys — continue to take root and grow and thrive in God's glorious love.  Keep me posted, and I'll keep posting (just not every day... phew!!).

Big hugs and all my best,

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