Friday, November 25, 2011


It's official: I am NOW in the Christmas spirit, thanks to this video. So charming! I laughed, I cheered.  My heart melted and rejoiced. 
When the consumer crazies and twirling to-dos of the season bog you down, stop and watch this.  May your Advent season be filled to overflowing with the heart and soul of Christmas moments.  Celebrate the simple, the joyous, the miraculous in the humble gift of Jesus' birth.

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  1. I am normally an anti-Christmas music/decorations/ect before black friday. I've got to be honest though. About 3 weeks ago, I was driving at night and it was snowing. Not just any type of snow, the snow I'm talking about is the big, beautiful quarter sized snowflakes. At the same time, the song Sleigh Ride came on. In high school I absolutely despised that song, primarily because being in orchestra meant we played this song every year at our Christmas concert...not just that but we started rehearsing it in OCTOBER! However, there was something magical about listening to that song, while I drove, watching the snow come down that just put me in the Christmas mood.


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