Bible Reading

My Anal and Probably Over-Ambitious Bible Reading Plan for 2013:

Finish reading every word 
of the Bible.

Really?  And now I'm going to publish this goal so I'll be accountable for following through?  Lord, truly, have mercy on me!

I want to finish reading the Bible this year, not to check a monumental accomplishment off my list, but to draw close to you on a daily basis.  I want to drink in your word, savor it, steep my heart and my actions in it.   Help me to seek your presence in your Word.  Help me to see the presents in your word — those gems that create in me a clean heart, that help me to choose joy, to be humble, to walk along side you and glorify you.  Give me the dedication and devotion to make this a regular and restorative occurrence. 

Old Testament:  381 days of reading

Deuteronomy (26) Joshua (21) Judges (21) 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel (55)1 Kings, 2 Kings (47)1 Chronicles, 2 Chronicles (53)Ezra (9)Nehemiah (12)Esther (8)Song of Songs (8)Lamentations (5)Ezekiel (47)Daniel (12)Hosea (10)Joel (3)Amos (9)Obadiah (1)Jonah (2)Micah (7)Nahum (3)Habakkuk (3)Zephaniah (3)Haggai (2)Zechariah (11)Malachi (3)

New Testament — 27 days of reading
1 Peter, 2 Peter (7)Jude (1)Revelation (19)

Lord, you wrote this on my heart.  Now help me, help me, 
HELP me... please!

Progress Report 
God, you are good.  Thank you for gently guiding me back to neglected habits and to your word.  Thank you for the reminder in 1 Kings 22:5.
Inquire first for the word of the Lord.
Thank you for this invitation of a prayer in 1 Kings 8:57-58
The Lord our God be with us... incline our hearts to him, to walk in his ways, and to keep his commandments...
Each time I turn to your word, my heart and my walk and my will curve to fit yours.  For that I am ever grateful. Amen

April 12, 2013 
What is YOUR Bible Reading Plan for this year?  
How is it going so far?

And if you have a hunger for memorizing God's word, have you seen  It's a handy little tool...

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