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15 | Working for Goodness' Sake

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Jan 01, 1959
TGIF!  (Yeah, I'm cheating a little by posting twice today and getting a jump start on Saturday.)  The end of the work week.  The start of an indulgent weekend, which for this lady means a sewing bonanza with my sister and our friend while Mr. and the kiddos are out of town.  Wheeeeee!  (See why I wanted to work ahead?  More time to sew and socialize!  Yippeeeeee!!!)

As we unwind from our typical weekday work, let's pray about the wondrous work God has in mind for us.

We are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.
Ephesians 2:10

Lord, you have put me here on earth, in this family, in this corner of the world, to do some good.  I trust in your plan, though I don't see it clearly.

God, this world is littered with messages, ads, bulletins...  I'm trying to tune into your channel, to focus on your message.  Grant me your benevolent perspective.  Help me to see the needs of others before I see my own.  Show me how I can administer to the needs of others — how I can be your hands, your heart, your words.  I want to empty myself of my limitations and mistakes, and open myself to being a reflection of your peace, joy, and love.  But I cannot do this on my own.  Lead me with your Spirit, and show me the good works I can do to glorify you today.

I'm slowly realizing that your good works aren't always BIG works, but little things done with your super-sized love.  

Sometimes the works you have prepared for me seem menial, mundane.  Tending the home fires, the dishes, the laundry.  I am trying abandon my habit of doing these things in a grumbling, resentful fashion.  When I am in faithful frame of mind I count the blessings of active, creative children as witnessed in grass-stained jeans and paint-splattered shirts.  I praise you for the bounty of good food we eat as I scrape dishes and scrub pans.  I pray as I vacuum and dust and declutter, grateful for the comfortable home you have entrusted to us.

Sometimes the works you have in mind for me look and sound more like interruptions.  A daughter who NEEDS!!!!! some fabric scraps for her latest creation (and a little Mom Time & Attention in the crafty corner).  A son whose angry meltdown is a cry for some snuggly love that he's afraid he might be outgrowing.  A friend whose phone call is more than a social check in, but a plea for a accepting, listening ear.  Help me to see these interruptions as your nudge to do loving work in my family and among my friends.

Sometimes the works you have planned for me seem big, intimidating, even scary.  Like your call to pray publicly for 31 Days.  Your direction pointing me to teach in an inner-city school for six years. And then your redirection for me to be a stay-at-home mom.  Each time you supply the means and the encouragement right along with the mission.  I hear you in the positive comments from new and old friends who check out this blog.  I hear you in the mentors you have wisely placed along every daunting journey.  I hear you in my friends' nodding-bobble-head commiseration of I-too-understand-the-dark-and-frustrating-days-of-motherhood.

Thank you for the good works you have prepared for me to do.  I feel blessed that you have created a specific plan for me to share your light and your love in my corner of the world.  And I am grateful for all the help you provide along the way.  Make me an enthusiastic and successful executor of your good works.


"We have not been saved by our works—we have been saved for His works!"
Beth Moore, Living Beyond Yourself

I hope you delight in doing God's good work today!

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