Thursday, October 23, 2014

23 | Be(low). Be Humble.

It's Day 23 of this series: 31 Days to Be Still.  More and more, after my moments of stillness with God and with you, I wander off and roam the blogosphere.  I'm enjoying discovering other blogs participating in this challenge, to the point where exploring other series almost eclipses my own endeavor to be still.

And the more I read, the more I am humbled.  I'm discovering great writers. Amazing stories.  Soul stirring inspiration.  What on earth can I add to this online conversation that is unique?  How does my voice point people to God — to deeper relationship with God — in a way that doesn't duplicate or sadly shadow these other blogs and voices?

Humble?  Yes.  Helpful?  No.

This kind of I'm-not-worthy humility obliquely questions God's particular plan for me.  It undermines his power to work in me and through me.

Do you ever struggle with these insecurities?  This imposter syndrome of "How did I get here and when is someone going to figure out I don't belong?"

Today we're going to ditch this humble, fumbling internal monologue.  We're going to trade it for a better kind of humility.  A different kind of being low.  Not low on the totem pole, beneath other people, inferior.  This humility is being below God, in a servant stance, under his loving care and direction.
He must increase, but I must decrease.  John 3:30
In order for God to make bigger and bolder and brighter changes in our lives, we must diminish our insecurities and our ambitions.  We must trust God to create a meaningful impact in our hearts and our lives.  We must recognize that his power and his vision are greater than our own.

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We need to admit that we don't know everything.  Like the lost and frustrated traveler on the highway of life, we need to pull over to the gas station, rest and refuel, and ask God to straighten out our course.  When we call out to God in our need for answers and directions, he can show us the mighty things we can't even begin to imagine.
Look at this list of imperfect heroes.  Consider what God achieved through each one of them.

We need to admit our faults, but not beat ourselves up for them.  God didn't make us perfect for a very important reason.  In our flaws, God can flow.  God takes our cracks and fissures and shines his brighter light through them.  His grace makes us whole, makes us better than we could ever be on our own.

This kind of reverential humility is the best freedom we can know.  All we need — all God needs from us — is to be still.

In this God-honoring humility, let's still our hearts and minds.  Let's slow down, breathe deep, and focus on his supreme will and way.


You know I have a tendency to put pressure on myself, to compare myself with others, to end up feeling of inferior and insecure.  But you are never disappointed in me.  

As long as I keep my focus on you, you can take my deficiencies and use them to proclaim your proficiency.  As long as I recognize my limitations and turn to your limitless wisdom, you can show your perfect power through my imperfections.  Help me to dwell in this relaxed humility of holding you supreme.

So today I ask this: How I can help bring about your will, Lord?  I give you my stuttering voice, my laughing doubt, my inexperience and my mess.  I trust you to fill the gaps and cracks in my abilities.  

I am low.  Humble.  Flawed.  But I am not insecure.  Instead, I stand secure in knowing that you, in your power and wisdom, can lift me up to do your good work.  

When I lay myself low before you, Lord, when I release my doubts and anxieties and trust in your glory and might, that's when I can truly be still.

I need to repeat that, to print that on my heart.  When I rest below you in humble adoration, I. can. be. still.

I can wait, with patience, for you to complete a good work in me.  I can rest knowing you can take me the rest of the way.

Thank you for this reassurance, Lord, this rejuvenation that comes from humble stillness.  Thank you for taking worries and insecurities off my shoulders.  Thank you, most of all, for lifting me up from my low position with the promise of eternal life alongside you in heaven.



  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing. I think God uses a lot of my imperfects and mistakes I have made (or lived through) to do lots of good. I think if you're humble enough to admit you're not perfect, other people can gain strength by seeing God's hand in your life.

  2. I completely agree. Our humility is the stage for God's story. I love the image of God's hand working in our lives — helping, holding, steadying, leading the way out of our mistakes to higher ground.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thank you! I've had a rough week and my writing got completely pushed to bottom of the list with a few of those unworthy thoughts haunting me as well. Great encouragement!

  4. I'm so glad it resonated with you. Unworthy thoughts, be gone! Have a great, rejuvenating weekend.


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