Tuesday, October 21, 2014

21 | Be Creative

Do you remember back on Day 1 when I confessed I have a hard time being still and doing nothing? Three weeks into this challenging of being still, I must admit there are times when it isn't any easier.  If you are with me in the twitchy fingers, wandering mind department, have I got a sweet treat for you.

Today we get to be creative.  Crafty.  Coloring outside the lines and in our Bibles. Crazy in our inspired devotion to God.

I invite you to find your Bible, a piece of paper, and at least one nice pen that is a delight to use.

We're going to doodle.  Draw.  Decorate.  Find a verse that you like and fire away. Stumped for a verse?  I collect my favorites on my "well VERSEd" Pinterest board.

Once I've got a verse in my sights, I like to look it up in context and read the broader passage.

  • I start by praying for God to open my mind to what he wants me to hear in his word today.  
  • As I read, I reflect on where I see God at work in the passage.  
  • I observe where God's message intersects with this current chapter of my life.
  • Then I meditate on what God is asking me to do as I live out my faith in his word.

While I soak up these layers of meaning, I make notes.  I scribble.  I doodle.  And as settle into being engaged with God's word, God's meaning sinks deeper and sings in my heart as I invite him into my creative being.

Sometimes I doodle in my quiet time journal.  Sometimes I dress up a bookmark or a cardstock scrap to tuck in my purse.  But after curating a collection of ideas from across the web, I'm ready to bust my creativity wide open.  I might doodle up a verse on a coffee mug, or on linen fabric for a pillow cover, or on my minivan.  Nope. Can't doodle on the minivan.  Mr. would have a heart attack.

Here are a few ideas if you need a little inspiration to jump start your creativity.

Start simple.  A verse or a quote adorned with lines, dots, swirls.  As your pen works, pray for God to work his message into your heart and into your day.

 via Etsy.com
I like little signs and reminders to keep me near God and on track.  This simple gem does the trick.


Now look what the same dynamic doodler does in her Bible.  Stephanie Ackerman has an inspiring tutorial on adding pages to her Bible over on her Homegrown Hospitality blog.  Washi tape and Moleskin journal, here I come!

more goodness from homegrownhospitality.typepad.com

Are you reluctant to write and draw and decorate in your Bible?  Toss those preconceived notions aside and see what Veronica Milan does in hers.  I am love, love, LOVING this. You can read more about her Bible journaling process and her paper pleasures through this blog post.


Overwhelmed with the possibilities?  Not sure where or how to start?  You can always play with coloring inside (or outside) the lines by printing out a Bible doodle page like this.  Yes, it's another Stephanie Ackerman creation.  I think I should be president of her fan club.  Or her personal minion.


However you nurture your relationship with God while feeding your creative side (and EVERYONE has a creative side), remember this:

Myquillyn Smith @ thenester.com
Love this mantra?  Check out her amazing book on beautifying your home.

This isn't about creating art.  It's about building faith.  It's about dwelling in the word and dwelling in God.  Doodling can be a great device for mentally, spiritually dwelling.  Doodling can extend and enrich our ability to be still.  Play around with it, and observe how God plays out in your heart.

P.S.  I'm so inspired today I can't stop.  Here's one more crafty way to play with God's word.

If you've got a pocket full of rocks and God's word on your mind, you can paint and doodle away with messages that inspire you to be still and soak up some more God in your day.  Create a collection of Scripture stones as little centerpiece for your coffee table or slip one into your pocket for a tactile reminder.  Oh the places you can go when you give yourself permission to be still and be creative.


P.P.S.  What are you inspired to do or doodle?  Share a photo via Pinterest or Instagram with #becreativeforChrist.  I can't wait to see what you come up with!


  1. This is perfect for me, as I'm a chronic doodler and I love to do calligraphy and experiment with different fonts. What a great way for people like me to let the word sink into your heart! I actually bookmarked this post to come back to later, because I as SO going to do this!

  2. What a great and creative idea! I love it!

    1. Thanks. I can't claim the idea as my own, but I am owning the practice of doodling and drawing to go deeper into God's word.

  3. I have many cute verses up in my house, but I have never actually doodled myself.. I think I will give this a try. :)

  4. I think you'll love it, Denisse. It's always interesting to add a new tool to our devotional tool kits. Enjoy your doodling through the Bible!


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