Tuesday, October 14, 2014

13 | Be Love

What happens when we fill up on God's love?

We overflow.

Thankfully, it's not the toilet-running-over, QUICK-run-for-the-PLUNGER!! overflow. Nor is it the #coffeegroundsinmycuppajoe #couldthismondaygetanyworse variety.  

When God's love fills us up to overflowing, it's a radiant, let-your-light-shine feeling of fine and dandy.  It's bursting with sunbeams and fuzzy puppies and squeezy hugs.


It's a "This God-given life is so good I've got to share it" kind of kindness contagion.

When we make time to drink up God's love, when we soak up all the goodness tucked into the corners of our days, we can become God's love in the world.

Hopefully after yesterday's post (a love letter from God) you are sensing God's love.

Maybe it feels a bit like this...

...or this...
Looking for Love by IrenaS on Flickr

...or even this?

And now that you're thinking about God's love, feeling all tingly and radiant, hopefully you are ready to go out into the world and spread it.

Wait a minute!  This is supposed to be a time to sit and be still, not run (or walk) out and do stuff.

Oh, yes.  That's right.  

So... Let's be still and ask God to establish in us a mindset that will empower us to be God's love in the world as we go about our daily business.


You have filled me up to the point of overflowing with your love.  As I spill your gentleness forth on those people you have placed in my midst, I trust in the amazing truth that your love never runs dry.  Thank you for this endless supply of your love. Help me to be generous in sharing that love with others.

I confess that sometimes I am reluctant to extend love.  I might feel threadbare and used up.  I might be holding a grudge or harboring anger.  I might have suspicions and doubts about how loving others makes me vulnerable.  Where I feel reluctance, please reveal my hangups.  Where I am slow to love, please speed up your healing in my heart.  Make me an instrument of your peace and a bearer of your blessings.

Sometimes I turn being your love in the world into a list of "To Do"s.  Lord, please throw a big ol' stop sign in my path when that happens.  Help me to make a U-turn. Guide me toward the mindset that being your love — serving as your hands and feet and eyes and ears and heart — is a privilege, not a chore.

29blackstreet via Etsy.com
Sometimes times I look far and wide for difficult, challenging cases that need your care.  I forget that you specifically put people in my daily path to receive and return my love.  As I quiet my voice, help me to see who needs my love today.  Write their names on my heart.  Write their needs into my prayers.

Lord, help me to see where my passions and talents meet other peoples' needs. Show me how I can use the gifts you have granted me in a way that blesses others. And as I joyfully do the things I love, help me to focus on glorifying you and sharing your love with the world.

As I pour out your love, I am in awe of how caring for others helps me to see them through your eyes, and how it brings me to a better understanding of how you love. I rejoice in the knowledge that loving others brings me closer to you.

Thank you for the gift of your Holy Spirit working in me, leading me in your loving kindness.  Thank you for encouraging and sustaining me in this time of stillness, so that I can go forth and be myself, be your love, and simply be.


Inspired to spread some love?  I'm loooooooving these ideas.



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