Friday, October 21, 2011

21 | Inviting His Grace

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I've been reflecting on the Fruit of the Spirit, and seen so many instances of where I need more love, more joy and more peace, more patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, and so so SO much more self control!  It's been nagging at me, almost dragging me down, this awareness.  But that is not what God wants.  He wants this humility to open a door for his Spirit, to create an opportunity for him to work in me.  So today I'm trying to let go of guilt and let God do his thing...

Dear Lord, 

As I've looked inward at the State of My Soul, the ripeness of the fruit of the Spirit in me, I've seen so many places where I fall short.  I've seen green, hard patches that need your Light, the saving grace of your Son.  

There is a temptation in this self-searching to berate myself, to get frustrated.  That is not where I want to be.  Let me simply be humbled by the gaps between my effort and your power.  Knowing that I cannot stay in step with the Spirit by my own volition, I ask you to be my guide.

I have seen my need for you, I have asked for your forgiveness.  Now help me to embrace your grace.  Help me to see myself as you see me: forgiven, clean, made new in your love.  Like the dark blue sky this early morning, free of all clouds, lit here and there by a twinkling star.  Waiting.  Bare but not barren.  Open wide to a new day, a new way.  And in the east, a rising light.  Your dawn.  Your direction.  Illuminating my soul.  Brightening my world.  Shining through the dark and chasing it away.

Help me, Lord, to see your light in me.  Sometimes I focus on my lack.  Reframe my perspective; remind me that my shortcomings are there by your inspired design.  I am not whole on my own.  You make me whole.  You fill me up.  You complement and complete.  You are my Lord, alive and active in me.

Oh, the peace that comes when I remember this!  Thank you, God.  Thank you for making me just as I am.  Thank you for coming to me in the Holy Spirit and giving me all that I need.  I set my sights on you, set my steps on your path, and eagerly anticipate today's journey by your side.


I'm hooked on 31 Days of Rest... it's a great place for embracing God's grace.  Check it out...

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