Friday, October 3, 2014

3 | Know. In your heart. By heart.

Devotional Overload!

Sometimes in my quest for quiet time with God, I create a whole new "To Do" list for myself.  It starts innocently, looking for new tools to reinvigorate my faith.  Before I know it I've got a pile of devotional books and a folder of faith based apps on my phone.  And my quiet time becomes fraught with foraging through the resources, instead of discovering the serenity of God, the true source of my peace and strength.  

Does this ever happen to you?

Today, let's unearth the simplest way to be still with our Lord — reading God's word.

Here, in the pages of the Bible, God has breathed the greatest love letter that ever existed.  Here are God's promises and preachings, guidance and grace.  Let us look to his work and write it on our hearts.
"Laying a life up against the chest of His Word, and hearing the steady beat of His heart, is the only soundtrack that strengthens the human heart."   Ann Voskamp
Some of us might be inspired to memorize a verse, others may prefer to slowly savor Scripture — as long as we are reading the Bible with heart and soul, and not just mind, we are creating a stillness for God to fill with his Spirit.  We are creating room for a conversation that allows God space for his grace.

Join me today in reading, praying, reflecting on, and loving this golden nugget of a verse.

I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.  Psalm 119:11 

I have hidden your word
Lord, help me to absorb your word so it intertwines with the fabric of my being.  Help me to not only hear it and see it, but to embrace it and consider how it directs my daily path.  May my trust in your word be so deeply embedded in my soul that it cannot stay hidden, but shines in my love for the world.
in my heart
Lord, I recognize and learn your word with my mind.  Help me to not stop there.  Guide me to love your word with all my heart, so that I truly carry it in my heart.  On those days when my heart wants to break or skip a beat or overflow, I pray your word carries me, sustains me, and celebrates with me.
that I might not sin
Lord, one of the precious gifts of your word is your wise counsel for how I might live more fully in your peace, love, and joy.  When I am tempted to turn away from you, tug me back to your better way with your word.  
against you
Because when I neglect your word and ignore your will, Lord, I go against you.  I go against the relationship you desire to have with me.  I go into that place of busyness and distraction, of stress and dissatisfaction.  But in my heart, I crave your stillness.  Please bind my wandering heart to you, oh Lord.  Amen.

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  1. Beautiful! Just found your 31 Days series today, very excited because I meditate on Be still and know pretty much daily. Such and powerful verse and important topic, looking forward to your exploration.

  2. Thanks, Tall Girl. It's one of my all time favorite, go-to-for-serenity verses. Enjoy your stillness and peace!


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