Saturday, March 3, 2012

Singing God's Word into our Souls

Have you seen the videos from Seeds Family Worship?  I am super psyched about this discovery.  So much so that I'm tempted to march right over to the kiddos' school with my laptop and show THEM right this VERY minute.  Would that be disruptive?  Just a little?

Fine.  Well, I'll show you instead.  Take a minute to view this.  Your toes will tap.  Your heart will sing.  Your brain will catch the lyrics and play them over and over again in the most delightful way.  And you will be singing God's words right into your very soul.  You'll be writing them right on your heart.

It gets even better.  There's not just ONE video, but oodles (37 on YouTube)!  Like this one, featuring one of my all time favorite verses.  And these aren't cheesy tunes.  It's good music.  I'm a fan.  Hook, line and sinker.  Good stuff.  Yipppeeeeeeee!  Enjoy!!

By the way, I found this via Tony Kummer at  He says "We watched the Psalm 55 video last week and all our kids loved it.  They call it 'Kinetic Typography' and it gets 100% attention from the kids when memorizing Bible verses."

So there you have it.  I'm not the only fan(atic).  There are at least two of us out there (113,327 views and counting on YouTube... so there could be a couple more unless Tony has watched it 113,325 times).  You can be the third or thousandth or something like that.

Go figure: God works through YouTube, too!

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