Saturday, October 1, 2011

Introducing... 31 Days of Prayer

In my blog wanderings I keep bumping into The Nester.  She's creative, knowledgeable, and inspiring.  And she's come up with this cool "31 days" concept of blogging each day on a specific topic.  Year #1 she did it on her own.  Year #2 she invited seven friends to join her.  Now it's Year #3 and she's opened the floodgates to anyone who is interested.

And so I'm jumping in the 31 Day stream with 31 Days of Prayer.  Why?  (I've asked myself that several times in the past couple weeks.)  Because God won't let me let go of the idea.  It nudges me day and night.  And I think it will be good  to a) grow closer to God, b) revitalize my lackadaisical prayer habit, c) become a better blogger, and d) exercise my spiritual, mental, and language muscles.  

I'm curious to seeing where God takes me in relation to these goals.  I'm curious to see if I still adore The Nester after a month of daily posts (or if I admit I am not worthy of her online cleverness).  I'm curious to hear what you think of all this.  (The "comments" button is still there... just waiting for you!)

Stay tuned: Prayer #1 will be posted momentarily.  I will accumulate them on the 31 Days of PRAYER page as the month goes by.  Thanks for traveling this prayer journey with me!

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