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8 | The Little People in My Life

Is it Week #2 of the 31 Days series already?  Time flies when you've committed to posting daily...

It just dawned on me, dear readers/followers/lurkers, that I just throw you into these prayers.  No intro.  No set up.  No context.  Hmmm.  That's rather awwwwkward.  So sorry!

I didn't really know what I was getting into with 31 Days of Prayer.  I guess I didn't really expect anyone to follow my inexperienced blatherings in this blog.  So I've been launching into prayer straight away, pouring my heart out to God.  And it feels good.  Taking one topic a day and capturing my prayer on a screen has really forced me to focus on God, his gifts, and where I can meet him in these areas of my life.  I find these prayers roll around in my head all day.  7 | Love Song made me a better wife for a couple days.  (Sorry, honey, I guess it's wearing off a bit!)  4 | Thanksgiving framed my focus on all the little things I take for granted, but am truly grateful for.  I feel like my prayer habit is maturing—from my typical rushed prayer that pops in and out of my head faster than I can eat a Pop-Tart, to something more lasting, more influential on my behavior.  God is clearly working on me, and I am so very glad.

I humbly hope to be God's faithful servant as I write these prayers.  May his Spirit sprinkle them with words that your heart is longing to hear.  I hope these prayers are launching you into your own conversations with our Heavenly Father.  I hope your prayers are rolling around in your head the whole day long.  And I fervently, persistently pray something good and fruitful is brewing in your prayer life.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.  Your companionship has transformed this into a personal challenge to a place of fellowship and worship.  As I log on I feel myself tuning in to God and hearing his voice in your reflections on these prayers.  You are pure gift, dear readers.

And now, some solid prayer-time for guiding the little people in our lives...

Dear Lord,

You have blessed me with the wonderful children in my life.  Each day with them is pure gift.  Every time they smile, giggle, and hug, I am reminded that life is so very good.  Every time they ask curious questions I see the wonder of this world you created.  Every time they pray I am reminded how very close you are to us.  Every time they drive me crazy (and it's a short drive, as Mr. reminds me), I marvel at your unending, unconditional, unwavering love.  I pray that you will bless me with a large slice of that love today.  Help me to share it with my kids; help me to show it to my kids.  They deserve every bit of it.

God, you have shown me that parenting is an amazing journey in faith.  I have never felt more stupid, exhausted humble than during those long, sleep-deprived months with my newborns.  I have never felt more frustrated, insane uncertain then the long period of my sweet daughter slipping into an insomniac spiral, espousing fear after anxiety after fear, working up drama upon drama.  I have never felt more irate, maniacal, afraid of child protection services  challenged then when my happy boy sprouted horns, grew fangs, defied logic, hit me in the head with his shoe, and ran away from me—all while laughing with victorious glee. 

Thank you, Lord, for leading me through these and other parenting challenges.  Thanks for answered prayers, faith-filled parents who listened and gently coached, loving family who jumped in just when I needed them, and your Living Word that illuminated the darkest, most despairing days.  You never give up on my ability to help me kids through trying times, even when I want to give up.  You never give up on my kids, even when I want to give them away.  I am grateful for your constant and abiding love that shows me the better way to parent.  I am blessed that I can always, always trust in you and your wisdom.  Help me to point my kids to your eternal love.  Help me to foster a deep and resilient faith in them, so they trust in you always.

You know my current worries for my children.  I ask now that you lift them off my heart so they don't get in the way of my love for them or their need to grow into their own selves.  

For my daughter 
...who is testing our limits, please give her the strength to choose right from wrong.  Help her to seek out Jesus' example when she's not sure what to do.  Plant your good Word in her mind to guide her in times of temptation.  When she's struggling to do the right thing, write prayers on her heart, and give her patience to wait for your answers.  Above all else, make sure she knows that even when she misbehaves, you are still her accepting, loving, forgiving Heavenly Father.

For my son
...I ask that you build up his confidence.  When he feels like the little guy left out, give him the strength to find another friend or activity that gives him joy.  When his feelings are crushed and his ego is bruised, help him to know that YOU always remember and love him. And when his hurt and frustration boils over to anger, give him deep breaths and slow counts and some self control.  Help him to remember that he is a beloved child of God just as he is.  Use these hurts to make him a compassionate, faithful friend to others who are hurting.

Thank you, God, for loving my children so dearly, for watching over them so carefully.  Thank you for filling all the holes in my parenting with love and forgiveness.  Most of all, I thank you for naming and claiming my children as your own.  Bless them always with a powerful faith in your saving grace.


Rest assured that God hears all of your prayers for the children in your lives, whether they are your sons and daughters, grandchildren, or the young people in your midst.  And thank you, for being a bright and shining example of God's love in their lives.
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