Sunday, October 2, 2011

2 | Adoration [ 31 Days of Prayer ]

Lord and Loving Creator, 

I am ever and always amazed at your brilliant designs. The cool of a desert canyon floor.  The music of a child's laughter.  The artistry of a foggy sunrise.  The endorphin thrill of a long run.  The warmth of a loving hug.  The infinite wisdom of your will and your way.

As I pause and focus solely on you, I am awed by your goodness.  All things are possible for you.  And of all things, you choose to love—unconditionally—flawed and feeble humankind.  You set the stars in motion, and you stop to listen to our prayers.  You know the order of all the days of all time, and you know the inner workings of each heart, mind and soul.  Of all the things you can have, you WANT to be in deep and abiding relationship with us.  Heavenly Father, I am humbled that you claim me as your child: chosen, forgiven, and loved.  Thank you.

Today I pray that I continue to see your amazing grace in all things.  Help me to share this adoration with my family, to reflect it in all I do.  May this reverence shape my day and guide my ways, to glorify you, my living, loving Lord.



  1. Visiting from the 31 day blog link up. I'm really enjoying your posts and am your newest follower!


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