Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Beginnings

It’s a new day, a new school year, and I hardly know where to start. The kids are enthusiastically off to school. I have a list of projects vying for attention. Yet I’m stuck. What first? What order?

And then there is a nudge. A powerful, peaceful nudge. I pick up the Bible. I fold my hands over it. I pray. Lord, guide me in this new year. Bring me closer to you. Let me be an ever expanding ripple of your grace that spreads your joy to my family and friends and beyond. Feed my soul with your words and form my days with your will.

An hour into Acts and I am ready to act. Wood filler and paint, caulk and glass. I’m off to repair windows will be repaired and prep siding for paint. And there is a blessed peace in knowing that God is repairing and prepping me for his wondrous ways.

I am grateful.

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